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Ken Bhan was born in Washington, DC, the son of engineer Chander Bhan and writer, Esme Evelyn Bhan. Ken's father is Punjabi, while Ken’s mother is a New Delhi native, both are born in India and raised in the Christian faith. Chander Bhan has been recognized in “Who’s Who in the World” as well as “Who’s Who in the East” and “Men of Achievement” for his engineering achievements in energy savings.  His mother, Esme, was selected to be a fellow at Harvard University and is a published writer and archivist.  They initially discouraged Kenny from pursuing acting.  They insisted on him being an engineer due to his perfect math SAT scores, and his ability to fix BMWs and household appliances.  Kenny fixed the transmission on Chander’s BMW 530i when he was fifteen years old, after his father said, “If you fix it, you can have it.”  Kenny would later study mathematics and quantum physics at the United States Naval Academy for three consecutive years as part of a special program for gifted children. Kenny began viewing car control as a mathematical equation, and developed a unique ability to “skid” or “drift” a car, perfectly, around any corner or racetrack by age eighteen.  Now going by Ken, he graduated high school and began formal preparation to become a midshipman and attend the United States Naval Academy (USNA) versus a private university.  The United States Naval Academy reported Ken failed his physical examination solely because he wears glasses, and would not be allowed to attend.  While his parents were disappointed, Ken was stoked and became an acting major at Howard University and then later received a scholarship to further train (in acting) at Oxford University at Balliol College with the British American Drama Academy (BADA) where his teachers include John Barton, Derek Jacobi, Gary Sinise, Kathleen Turner and Fiona Shaw in Great Britain.  Ken later graduated with a BFA in acting and while minoring in directing.  

Ken joined the Screen Actors Guild, now SAG/AFTRA, with a recurring role on the "Young Americans" on the WB Network. He was featured as a taxi driver on "Sex & the City" giving Sarah Jessica Parker and Bridget Monayan a cab ride in the episode "Running with Scissors" Directed by Dennis Erdman and began his stunt driving career.  Ken began appearing on many television commercials that his parent’s would see every week.  It was at this point where both Ken’s parent’s began to encourage him to pursue acting, realizing their son is an entertainer, not a doctor or engineer.  Ken has acted opposite Kelsey Grammer, Fred Willard and Patricia Heaton. Ken worked opposite Tim Roth and Erika Christensen in "Lie to Me" as the Cube Technician in Episode: "The Core of It" Directed by Daniel Sackheim. Ken booked another doctor role in "The Good Doctor" alongside fellow resident doctor, Orlando Bloom directed by Lance Daly which has been accepted into the Tribeca Film Festival. Although Ken only played a doctor, Ken’s mom is particularly proud of Ken when he plays a doctor in film and television.  Ken’s latest commercial features him dancing alongside Robert Downey Jr. which was shot in 2019 at Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles.

Ken started a Vlog or Video Blog about cars and stunt driving featuring his ability to "drift" or "skid" a car around any turn with precision and accuracy while maintaining perfect control of the vehicle. You can see several "car drifting examples" in “Driving Me Wild” a series about cars & lifestyle at   Although drifting cars may seem controversial, Ken's perspective is rooted in safety and ultimate car control. In Finland, all drivers must complete a 360-degree spin in a manual transmission car in order to receive their driver’s license. Ken feels that if everyone in the US also learned a similar technique, there would be fewer car accidents. Ken says "a good driver is a safe driver" and leads by example with a perfect driving record for over a decade--no tickets or moving violations for twelve years. The show’s motto is "Love Your Car, Evolve Your Car" and Ken creates custom car designs and products that enhance your driving experience, typically resulting in more fun.

Voted “Best Wit” in middle school Ken loves to entertain and has been performing magic since age ten.  He has been trained by legendary magician, Al Cohen.  Today Ken performs magic at special events, parties and the most exclusive venues across the country.  Ken’s magic uses the power of quantum physics to blow your mind, with a deck of cards and other objects.  Ken carries a pack of cards in his pocket wherever he goes, se be ready for anything.  Ken says “Life can be magical, but it’s up to you to believe.”



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